Monday, February 26, 2007

Can you imagine...

If you read my last blog, you know that I've just returned from Boskone. As such, I've been doing lots of catching up on work and such and haven't had much chance to cruise my favorite sites. What a surprise to see my friend John Picacio's blog this morning with a mention of SFRevu's Hugo Recommendations. Not only is John's wonderful work suggested in the Professional Artist category, but yours truly as well. I'd like to thank John for his kind words and to SFRevu for including me in a list of artists I've admired for many years.
I was also pleased to see two other friends recommended, Lou Anders for Best Professional Editor (Short Form) and Chris Roberson's Paragaea (Novel).


Blogger leeeetzah said...

Hi Bri... I was showing off your site to my bosses and thought it would be fun to leave you a note. Miss you ALL and love you all too... things in my world ar epretty much the same, good... ups and downs but pretty good... hanging in there just fine. Hope you guys re too... Kiss and hugh Karen & Gracie for me and hug yourself too! Love you ALL! Lisa

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